New: Apiopolis Blog and Logo!

Apiopolis has been busy lately, so we are starting a blog to share news, events, interesting articles, videos, photos, and more!  Thanks for reading!

We'll post a few articles from past newsletters here to get started, and after that we hope to share once or twice a month here in addition to our newsletters. 

One fun way to kick off the blog is to tell you the story of the Apiopolis logo, which was updated and adopted in the spring of 2018.  Look for it on our websites and merchandise! 

The New Apiopolis Logo Story! 


Y’know that saying “it takes a village to raise a child?” Well it takes a village to raise a nonprofit too. So many amazing folks are contributing their time and talents to this effort. Our friend and local artist, David Eichenberger drew our gorgeous Apiopolis bee when we were just getting started with those first 20 beehives in 2016. I asked my graphic designer friend and neighbor, Bliss Alexander-Smith, about making a stencil for our hive bodies. We intentionally only use natural wood treatments like Ecowood, Hempshield, or raw linseed oil on our hives rather than latex paint. If those VOC’s and HAP’s are bad for us to breathe, imagine how harmful they are to the bees and their absorbent fat-bodied babies kept in such close proximity to the walls of the hive. Although each colony has its own particular scent related to its governing queen’s pheromones and her daughter foragers return there, sometimes there can be drift among hives especially in situations where they are near each other. Bees can select against vertical transfer of disease between mother and daughter but not horizontal between neighboring colonies. They also recognize differences in color and pattern that help them identify their own colony. They see on the ultraviolet spectrum and their favorite colors are blues, lavenders, purples, and white. They don’t like black or red. We’re going to add some color with Real Milk Paint to help our friends just a little more. Bliss simplified the detail of our beautiful Eichenberger bee a little so it would work as a stencil and Ryan Pound of RAD Graphics got to work with his dremel.

In 2017 we added the "seed of life" to our logo to emphasize the six areas of focus in our mission statement and their intersections: honeybee health, pollinator habitat and native plantings, education and awareness, sustainable local food systems, economic development through green jobs, and collaborative partnerships. Sort of our Apiopolis venn diagram that guides us and constantly reinforces the interrelatedness of our environment and all the creatures that call it home. We’re the busy bee at the center developing the partnerships that make all our efforts that much stronger. Well Bliss took our bee and those circles and came up with this image, still initially intended to be the stencil for our hive boxes. We loved it so much we decided to make it our new logo. Hoping we’ll see y’all with an Apiopolis tote slung over your shoulder pretty soon. Bliss’ daughter Nova threw in her own logo design for us too. We’re gonna figure out a way to sneak that cutey in from time to time!

-Alice Hinman