The Greenhouse is 99.9% Finished! 

Every once in a while you receive a magical message that says “I’d like to help.” I got one from fellow beekeeper, craftsman, very talented person and human extraordinaire, Chris Hagwood several months ago. There are so many hows but so few minutes to organize them into here’s hows that they are sometimes lost. Thank goodness this wasn’t the case with Chris. When it became apparent that we would need to split our Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation grant money between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and two separate sites, we started shaving items off our budget and stretching it to the nth degree to make things work.

I asked Chris if he could build two potting tables for the native plugs we were transplanting to larger containers that we could later use for the Conservation Horticulture Training Program at the Wake Boys & Girls Club Teen Center. By the next morning Chris had picked up the lumber and donated the fasteners and hardware cloth himself. He finished building the tables that afternoon. One of our founding board members and current Stewardship Advisory Council member, Wendy Kanable of Fine Lines Landscaping picked up the tables from his home and delivered them to the teen center the next day. And y’all, they are beautiful. Perfect corners, sharp wire ends covered, solid and sturdy and functional and pretty. We’ve been putting the tables to good use for months now. I am being sincere when I say I caress them lovingly everyday when I’m there watering, transplanting, and feeding the feral dumpster kitty. Make that kitties. 

So when the question of who should lead the greenhouse building effort came up I decided to ask Chris again for help since he seemed so remarkably qualified. I can’t even describe how grateful I am that he said yes. It’s humbling to have amazing people like Chris and his wife Stacey and the whole stupendous greenhouse crew generously volunteer their time, talent and good humor in the face of baffling instructions, heat, rain and other adversities and have only thanks and t-shirts and beer to offer in return but lemme tell ya’ I am the most grateful kid in the world and if I had trophies and awards to give out, I’d be handing them to these folks:

Greenhouse Team
Cheers to you, team! Can we still hang out, please?

  • Chris Hagwood, Greenhouse Lead

  • Wendy Kanable and Fine Lines Landscaping Crew

  • Duane Olivier

  • Stacey Hagwood

  • Jeff Ulrich

  • Uli Gratzl, Apiopolis Founding Member and Stewardship Advisory Council

  • Cat Valand, Apiopolis Board Chair

  • Mary Engel, Apiopolis Board Vice Chair

  • Alex Hagwood

  • Lindsay Dew

  • Kirsten Reburg-Horton

  • Samuel Reburg-Horton