“I believe in God but I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E.” Frank Lloyd Wright. From her childhood years exploring in the verdant Allegheny Mountain woods and wading in the cold waters of Pine Creek in north central Pennsylvania, Alice has long felt an affinity and connection to the natural world. Alice is a life long student and is especially humbled to keep the wise company of bees. She has been a natural beekeeper for nine years and earned a certificate in Sustainable Biodynamic Beekeeping from her studies with Gunther Hauk of Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary. Alice is devoted to learning how to best care for her fascinating friends by studying their biology, habits and natural inclinations to support the well being of the entire colony. She believes restoring honeybees to a state of health requires abundant habitat, genetic diversity, natural management practices, and appropriate shelter. She is determined to remedy as many of the problems contributing to pollinator decline as possible to help these brilliant creatures once again thrive. Alice has applied many of her personal passions to her work with Apiopolis including environmental health, green jobs, community engagement and the creative arts. It is at the intersections of these that exciting synergies and innovative collaborations occur making the whole effort so much more dynamic, inclusive and impactful. Alice has a certificate in Landscape Design from The Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. degree in Horticulture Science from North Carolina State University. She began her master’s study in landscape architecture in the College of Design at NCSU. It was during the latter engagement that she asked herself what, if she could choose to be anything at all, would she be and promptly answered “beekeeper.” And so she chose. That role has evolved to her present one as student and steward of honeybees. Alice has called Raleigh home since 1997. She is the founder of Apiopolis, a horticulturist, certified permaculture designer, certified yoga teacher, student of biodynamic agriculture, avid gardener, adorer of dogs and dirt and chickens and poetry and books. She is a runner, swimmer, skipper, jumper, climber. She is a wonderer and lover of all things natural, from the simplest singular beauty of a blue sky to the complex intricacies and magic of the wild world.  Her favorite state is reverent awe. “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh



MARY ENGEL, Board Vice-Chair

Mary is a beekeeper and nature enthusiast.  She grew up in Minnesota swimming, sailing, skating, and hiking the lakes and parks of Minneapolis, and she spent many childhood hours investigating bees and butterflies and other cool bugs.  Her curiosity about insects and love for nature led to her fascination with honeybees, her decision to start “keeping” them in her backyard six years ago, and her commitment to the mission and work of Apiopolis.

Mary is also a corporate lawyer for IQVIA.  Based in the Research Triangle Park, IQVIA is a global provider of healthcare information, technology, analytics and research services focused on using data and science to help healthcare clients and their patients.



Holly Hering designs gardens that make people, plants, and pollinators happy.  She moved to Raleigh in 1990, where she worked at Duke University Medical Center in hospital finance for 25 years.  Her last four years at Duke, Holly was the Residency Coordinator for the Department of Pediatrics.  Throughout her career, Holly designed gardens for family and friends on the side.  Her retirement from Duke provided the time to focus on her passion, which is helping others through garden design.  In 2018, she started Refresh Garden Design and is looking forward to working with Apiopolis to support the mission of building thriving habitats and communities for people and pollinators.

craig smaller.jpg

CRAIG DEAN, Creative Director

Craig Dean is an architect who proudly calls Raleigh home.  He has witnessed the city’s changing landscape for over half a century and has participated in its vibrant growth.  Craig is fascinated by the intertwined and evolving relationship between humans and honeybees and excited by Apiopolis’ mission to strengthen pollinator habitats within an urban/suburban context.

DANA DEATON, Secretary

Dana is passionate about communications, education, environment, and community.  A North Carolina native, she grew up in Charlotte and Tabor City before making Raleigh her home. Her professional background is in middle school teaching and she holds a B.S. and M.Ed in Technology Education from NC State University.  Dana taught technology and communications in Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Wake County Schools for nearly 14 years. Since retiring from the classroom to raise a family, she has become involved with school, community, and nonprofit communications and social media marketing. 

Dana is excited to be involved with Apiopolis as the board secretary and promises to amaze everyone with her speed typing while she takes minutes during meetings. Dana lives with her husband and two kids near downtown Raleigh, where she is active with the Mordecai CAC and the Person Street Partnership serving as communications chair.  She has become an advocate for bees and pollinator habitats because of her many beekeeper friends. 


CP HARRIS, Treasurer

CP Harris has always enjoyed nature and the outdoors. In high school at Woodberry Forest, he enjoyed spending his weekends in the woods and flyfishing on the Rapidan river After that, he graduated with a degree in Biology from Wake Forest University in 1998. 

For the majority of his career, CP has been involved with real estate and land management.  His company and family have put thousands of acres in conservation easements during that time.  

Over the past several years, CP has moved his focus from Real Estate to the restaurant business. He currently is one of the founders and owners at Village Juice Co in Winston Salem, which will be opening its second location this summer.

CP lives with his wife, Elizabeth, who is a fellow board member at Apiopolis, and their five children in Raleigh.  His hobbies include spending time with his family, growing tomatoes, and enjoying time at their family farm in Franklin County.  


eliz harris.jpg

ELIZABETH HARRIS, Outreach & Education Specialist

Elizabeth is a graduate of Meredith College with degrees in Art and Design. Growing up she spent summers with her family on the farm outside of Richmond, Virginia where there were endless hours spent outside playing and exploring. During those summers she never turned down a given opportunity to tag along to town with her great grandmother's garden club to do a local tour.

The love of nature, nostalgia for her childhood and being a mother to a blended family of five have brought her outside with a keen awareness for the future of tomorrow. As an advocate for the bees she encourages creating new pollinator habitats with native plantings throughout our community and educating our children on their importance.